How much does a dog walker website cost?

Most people hate talking about prices – I’m happy to!


This is a a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string question’ but I’m going to do my best to answer it for you. I differ from most web designers in that I have a pricing guide on my website.

As a full time web designer I know how much time it takes me to do things and the sort of feature integration you might need as a dog walker on your website. I price my websites also being confident of the service that I offer and the value I bring to the whole design, build and after service to my clients.

Roughly, my dog walker clients typically pays between £1600  and £2000 for a bespoke build.



The variation will depend on a few things, including but not limited to:

Do you need a logo?

How many pages you have, for example, are all of your services on one page or do they have their own page?

How much functionality you need, eg mailing list integration.

Would you like a blog?



My dog walker websites come search engine ready. They generally rank on the first and second pages of the Google searches they are optimised for eg. Dog Walker Brixton, or Doggy Daycare Bristol

My dog walker website clients don’t need, and therefore don’t have to pay for any Google Adwords.

My dog walker website clients don’t have to do any extra marketing, e.g cards in vets, leaflets through doors.

My dog walker website clients have a steady stream of enquiries that allow them to choose which dogs they want to walk and in which areas. No more taking on everything and everything just to make ends meet.



My dog walker website clients are provided with a list of actions they can take to help encourage their website to rank well in google. This includes advice on content marketing and doing social media in the right way to help boost your online digital presence and make Google LOVE you and your business.

A WUF dog walker website is not just a website, it’s a 24 hours a day lean mean marketing machine that advertises your services to the right people. With stand out branding of your business helping to tell potential clients and customers exactly how awesome your business is and how you can help them.

In the words of Pippa from Oh My Dog

‘Still can’t thank you enough for my website, my business is absolutely booming.’

And Gavin from Charlie Bears

‘..not only that she has gone above and beyond expectations with the management of the site when it comes to google rankings and content etc, she’s a real driving force behind why my business in its infancy is already becoming a success!’