Step 1. Set Up & Launch

Step 2. Sign up to WUF Club

Monthly membership to the WUF Club offers three main benefits.


Being a WUF club member includes access to me, your web designer for any help & support you need. As your business grows your website will need changes making to it. Maybe you need to add a service in, to change some text, or tweak the SEO to reach a new area, changes to the existing build of your website are included – no more hidden charges or getting a quote for extra work.

With your brand new website and business going well you start thinking about ways of expanding and want to discuss how and what solutions are available to enable you to do that and maximise your growth. No problem, book in for a quick strategy call.

As a member of The WUF Club I essentially become another arm of your business, the digital one which leaves you to do what you do best – run your business.

Other WUF club members are generally very active on social media, we all enjoy helping each other and promoting each others businesses. Well connected within the pet industry, I enjoy introducing members to one another, many whom have ended up working together.


Technical website support – your website maintained, updated, backed up and looked after. Total peace of mind so that you can work on your business whilst I run your website.


All associated website running costs included – domain, premium hosting, security certificate, framework license, premium plugin costs and more

Step 3. Choose your Bolt ons.

You can buy bolt ons at any point when you are ready to. Eg three months into your service and you want a blog, no problem, just contact me to arrange.

Newsletter integration - £97

Using a provider of your choice eg Mailchimp or Mailerlite

Add a blog - £197

All blogs come with custom post and category pages.

Google My Business set up - £97

With a handy PDF of hints and tips of how to maximise your listing.