Review of print on demand service Inkthreadable and its integration with WordPress & Woocommerce


Scruffy Little Terrier : The Build

When Michelle came to me she had an existing WordPress website with over 100 blog posts and a shop button that linked through to her external Redbubble shop.  Her mailing list integration was a bit of an ugly form on a separate page and her blog post navigation was confusing.

Michelle came to me as she wanted to update her website and she wanted the emphasis to be on the shop rather than the blog. Included in this update would be her moving to a different platform from Redbubble with a print on demand (fulfilment) service that we could integrate into the new website fully.

Print on demand has really come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. If you have designs that you have created yourself and wish to sell them on t shirts, hoodies, aprons, mugs, bags and more, there’s a great selection of services to help you do this without you having to leave the comfort of your sofa!



Having researched thoroughly Michelle settled on using Inkthreadable as her preferred service. She liked that they are a smaller company, support looked good, integration was available and their stance on being as earth and eco friendly as possible in their inks, packaging and products which is super important to Michelle.

Michelle ordered some test products from them to check that she was happy with the quality. It was like Xmas when they all arrived and with Michelle sending me pictures of all the different items I have to say I was impressed.



I looked at both their integration into Shopify and Woocommerce, but as Michelle had the large amount of blog posts she wanted to retain it was an obvious choice to use WordPress with Woocommerce.

All in all the process to integrate was an easy one. Inkthreadable’s documentation is complete and easy to follow, even for the dreaded shipping rules!

We had a couple of teething problems with wanting to upload items with a high number of colour and size options, but Inkthreadable were quick to offer a solution and as advised once the memory had been increased on the hosting end we were good to go. Their phone support especially is excellent and they also have a very active and engaged Facebook group which is excellent for on the spot help and suggestions.

Both Michelle and I felt well supported whilst we were implementing the shop, no question was too small or too silly for them and they are always bright and chirpy on the phone which I like!




So, whilst I built the front end of the website and customised the blog, Michelle worked diligently to upload her products on the Inkthreadable end which then, with a press of a button show up – as if by magic – in the Woocommerce shop on the website!

Woocommerce still works as normal, so as well as her printed fulfilment items from Inkthreadable Michelle has also added her own products including diaries, dog bandanas and hats are coming soon.




I would say the experience I had of using Inkthreadable and integrating it with Woocommerce was a highly positive one. Their integration is easy to set up, support is excellent and Michelle is very happy with how easy it is to admin her store and upload products.