Working from Home – 7 things you need to know!


Working from home is lots of fun, but it can easily descend into a PJ wearing, Netflix watching, Facebook scrolling festival if you’re not careful!

As a regular work from homer I thought I’d share my top seven tips for introducing a bit of structure to your day and being productive. I’ve included some useful links at the bottom.



1. Do get dressed! It helps to get in the work mood – wearing PJ’s is lovely, but trust me, you will achieve nothing except a whole lot of scrolling on social media.

2. Still can’t get into work mode? A couple of my online buddies have separate t shirts and mugs that they only wear or use whilst at ‘work’, it somehow switches the brain over.

3. Take a break – it’s tempting to just sit there hour after hour engrossed in something, but it’s important to give your eyes and brain a break, you’ll be way more productive after.



4. If possible don’t sit in or near the kitchen – you will absolutely end up grazing the day away.

5. Make use of online software like Zoom, Loom, Slack or Skype to have a meeting or virtual coffee with people.

6. Check in with work from home friends for a morning hi, a post lunch hello and a goodbye at the end of the day. It helps to give your day structure and also close the laptop at the end of the day.



7. Know that you will have been waiting all day but as soon as you get on a call with someone it’s guaranteed that the amazon delivery will arrive!

Finally – obviously the best bit about working from home is you get to spend all day with your pet! Cats on the desk, dog at your feet, if you’re feeling a bit stressed then a cuddle with your furry one makes everything much better.

Useful links

Zoom for online conferencing

Slack for communicating with teams

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Timer

The Kill Facebook Feed chrome browser extension