WUF Up your words.


Help me to help you by writing fantastic copy for your website!


Text aka copy, on your website is important, the words you write need to connect with people.

Copy should engage your customers and make them want to book you.

And remember, this way of writing works for your social media posts as well.

There’s a way of writing copy that helps connect and engage with people and the best explanation I have found is from a guy called Donald Miller. He is a marketing guy who has a very specific way of talking about and marketing your business call StoryBrand.

If you want to find out more you can do so here – but please don’t feel you have to read the whole book!

Donald has a very short series of videos about StoryBrand which you can view here. Three videos are approximately 5 mins long each. Videos one and two are the good stuff, video 3 is a website review.

Please do watch videos one and two, they are really helpful!

Now we don’t need to follow this plan exactly, but the suggestions of the WAY you talk about your business and service is what we are aiming for.

The suggestions for the sections on the page are also excellent and even if we don’t do them in the same order, or include all of them it will hopefully give you some ideas of what you can include.

I’ve written out a quick summary of each below as well for you.


Communicate simply and clearly. Don’t use fancy language or jargon.

You must talk to them about their problems and how you can help them / solve their problems

Talk to them, a bit like you are having a conversation with them on the phone.

They are not really interested in your story – they are interested in theirs!


If you showed a caveman your website would he be able to tell the following 3 things:

– What do you offer?

– How will it make my life better?

– What do I need to do to buy it?

5 things your website should include:

  1. The header statement should say what you do
  1. A strong call to action ( I can decide this one for you)
  1. Failure! Tell me what will happen if I don’t book you, or what problem you solve.
  1. Success! Tell me what great thing will happen if I book you.
  1. Spell out a plan. Three or four steps on how to book you and how that works.
  • Step 1 ‘we will have a discovery call to work out which service would suit you best’
  • Step 2 ‘we will have our first session to assess your situation and give you a custom strategy to solve it’
  • Step 3 ‘I will support you with this strategy so you see results’


How much should I write?

This is a common question and a bit of a piece of string question but what I would say is that..

Google likes to read words so always err on the side of more rather than less.

Your website user wants to read text as well, to learn about you and how you can help them.

So yeah, don’t write a couple of paragraphs and tick it off the list – spend some time on it!

Argh, what do I write?

Hopefully watching the videos will help with that but the other place to start is to think about how you talk to potential clients on the phone about your services.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll have a ‘sales patter’, that is, most of the time you’ll end up saying the same sort of things about your business and answering the same questions.

Use that as a starting point, the text on your website should really be a conversation with a prospective client as well.

Tell me about the keywords again?

Your keywords are the ones you popped onto your SEO doc for me.

They tell people and Google:

– What you do

– Who you do it for

– Where you do it

So, it’s likely that you are a local service area business in which case your keywords will be your geographic areas, your services and then any words that you think people will use to find you.

eg. you might say reactive dog, they might say aggressive or shy dog

you might say dog groom, they might say dog bath


And how do I use those keywords in my copy?

Just try and include them naturally, we don’t want to spam the text with them, Google hates it and it reads horribly.

If I think something needs changing for SEO on the home page then I’ll do it.

You don’t need to write a list of areas in your text as I will do that in a special section with special tags on it 😉


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